Product - Return trips on one day

With a choice of timings and a wide spread of departures each day, train services will reflect the needs of all customers:

The service quality devised by Rhealys in terms of travel time and timetable possibilities, will provide numerous occasions for travel, for both business and for leisure.

The European cities of Stuttgart, Munich, Paris, Basel, Zurich and Luxembourg will be only a stone's throw away, beckoning travellers to spend a weekend or more enjoying their vast historical and cultural heritage.

Train travel will also be a attractive transport solution for business travellers. Travellers from Frankfurt or Stuttgart will be able to leave home in the morning to get to their meeting in Paris and then return home, all in the same day. Since trains arrive right in the centre of cities, high-speed train travel will enable travellers to optimise their time.


stringent requirements

the heart of cities

save time

travel rapidity