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Dear Sir/Madam,

In conjunction with RFF, the French manager of rail infrastructure, and the French Ministry of Transport, the UIC is organising the 10th World Level Crossing Safety and Trespass Prevention Symposium in June 2008. It will take place in our Headquarters which is located in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower alongside the River Seine, in Paris.

It will be a 3 day event and will run from Tuesday 24th June until Thursday 26th June 2008.

Building on the success of previous Level Crossing Symposiums held in the USA, Australia, the UK and Canada, the 10th Symposium will be only the 2nd time that a European venue has hosted the event. The Symposium provides an exciting and stimulating platform from which the world-wide delegates will be able to:

  • discuss advances in level crossing technology and operation
  • promote best practice in both level crossing risks and trespass prevention
  • develop international cooperation
  • share international dialogue on how we should collectively be dealing with safety at the road/rail interface.

The event in Canada in 2006 attracted over 200 delegates from all 5 continents. Interest in this year’s event is likely to ensure that a similar number of participants come to Paris. In addition to the Symposium itself there will be an exhibition area and there are still opportunities to sponsor the event.

Sponsoring LEVEL CROSSING 2008 AND/OR renting some exhibition space would be an excellent opportunity to promote your organisation. We propose a range of Sponsorship packages all offering excellent individual publicity opportunities and value for money. These packages combine marketing and branding before the event (on our dedicated website with a link to the UIC website and its 185 member organisations on all 5 continents) and maximum exposure during the congress and the exhibition.

The Symposium programme is focussing on 4 core themes of risk management, engineering & operations, human factors, and strategic vision. There are speakers and delegates coming from all parts of the globe, all these people will be able to experience the products and services you will show them. I look forward to welcoming you to Paris in June as of our Sponsor

Simon Fletcher
Chair, International Organising Committee


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